2019 Artists in Residence

Yulia Pinkusevich www.yuliapink.com

Buddha Brow - Installation by Yulia Pinkusevich          www.yuliapink.com

Buddha Brow - Installation by Yulia Pinkusevich www.yuliapink.com

As an Artist in Residence at Wildlands, I've been inspired by the natural landscape and became interested in engaging with the great Live Oak which is the center of the house and property. This magnificent oak, with its impressive size and age (estimated to be up to 500 years old) holds profound wisdom I can’t comprehend, it's been a witness to so much change yet through all of this turmoil it remains somehow present, in stillness.

I wanted to create an installation using materials I found at Wildlands, so I set off on walking rituals through the forest to collect oak galls, galls were famous for its use in inks, apparently the declaration of independence is written is oak gall ink, but I became curious about their form and relationship to the oaks.

Despite the burden on the tree, in some way the oak embraces a wasp parasite with an offering of a gall. This perspective inspired me to create an installation in the Great Oak using found and painted oak Galls, I create marks in the landscape by suspending 108 red galls with cotton string, from some perspectives one can see the shape of two arched brows, mirroring the Buddha brows on the statue located just across from the cottage I stayed in. The buddha head serene in contemplation, the brows ever so perfectly arched in calm serenity. The galls draw the brows and the tree becomes the buddha the landscape the view through the eyes.

By using these small irritants to create a form of serenity out of the difficulties of ones life. This is the lesson I take from the California oaks.

Lisa Kairos www.lisakairos.com

Painting by Lisa Kairos

Painting by Lisa Kairos

Christy Chan www.christychan.com

Installation by Christy Chan

Installation by Christy Chan

2018 Artists in Residence

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2017 Artists in Residence

Sharon Beals                   www.sharonbeals.com
Alison Pebworth             www.beautifulpossibilitytour.com
Chris Sollars                   www.667shotwell.com

2016 Wildlands Artists in Residence

Amy M. Ho                          www.amymho.com
Jean Tarantino                      www.onequestion15seconds.com
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Nicholas Coley

Emily Bixler

Chris Sollars & Alison Pebworth