Secluded and picturesque, Wildlands Art Residency is located on a private, off-the-grid, 55-acre parcel in Sonoma County, reached via a 4-mile dirt road. 

Wildlands’ remote setting requires artists to be comfortable with the fact that they maybe alone and need to be self-sufficient on the property for some or most of their residency, as the founders are not always available on site. While there is no internet or cell service on the property, there is access to a land line telephone as needed.

Additional property features:

  • Walking/hiking in the area is encouraged; information will be provided upon arrival.

  • There is a pond in which artists are welcome to fish and swim.

  • Due to high risk of wildfires in the Sonoma County landscape, artists will not be able to have fires or open flames of any kind.

  • Mid to late summer daytime temperatures can range from 70-100+ degrees with cooler nights.